5 Easy Ways to Increase Home Value

Looking for easy ways to increase home value? Look no further. There are tons of things you can do, and you could probably write a book about it. But who’s got time for that? So, from making some fixes to better parking, here are some quick and handy suggestions.

New Kitchen and Bathroom

First, let’s get the big one out of the way. One of the most powerful ways of adding value to a home is to renew the two most used rooms. These are the kitchen and bathroom. The reputable realtor Oyler Hines and anyone else in the business will look for these as part of an assessment because they are what buyers look for. A new kitchen alone, built to a high standard, will add as much as 25% to your property’s value, which isn’t a bad return on the investment at all.

Making Minor Fixes

Buyers just want to move into somewhere quickly and as easily as possible. So they will be put off by minor jobs that stick out like a sore thumb. These include peeling paint, mold in the bathroom, and lights that don’t work. These are very minor and easily remedied. But they are tasks that buyers don’t want to deal with. So, getting them out of the way will increase the potential and appeal to anyone who views the property, and they don’t cost much to get fixed.

Increase Home Value with Major Fixes

Of course, home maintenance also extends to major issues that a buyer will definitely not want to deal with. You can knock off some costs from the asking price, but then you will only end up losing money. A badly damaged roof alone could cost up to $80,000 to repair. Other issues to fix that will add value include rising damp, pests, and unstable chimneys. These can all cost a lot of money to have fixed. However, the cost is offset by the added value of a safe home.

Try Some Cheap and Easy Methods

Maybe your home doesn’t really have any issues, and you have done all the work that needs to be done. However, you can still squeeze some more value out of your efforts and increase the asking price. Redecorating the home to make it appear more neutral is a tried and tested method. A deep clean also helps a property appeal more to a buyer. Removing clutter from rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen helps buyers envision themselves living there.

Maximize Parking Space

You may have overlooked this, but parking space adds a ton of value to a home. For a minimal investment, you can add substantial value to the property. Parking space is limited in many cities and even some rural areas. So, people will pay extra for the privilege. An extension garage would be a huge investment but can add a lot of value. Even having a driveway installed will add a good amount with minimal effort and expense, but check if you need permission.


A new kitchen and bathroom will increase home value because they are the most used rooms. Making small and major fixes will also help. And adding parking space guarantees more value.