Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

If you are a new homeowner things can seem very overwhelming at first. While there is a never-ending sense of joy that you have purchased the property that you desire, it comes with a lot  of responsibility. 

Getting a new home is kind of like having a new baby. It’s something for you to take care of and you have to make sure you do a good job otherwise the very thing that gives you joy at the beginning can make life a bit uncomfortable. Nobody wants to live in a home that they do not feel totally comfortable in.

Here are some maintenance tips that you need to know as a new homeowner so that you can keep your home spic and span.

Your Homes Exterior

You must make sure that you’re taking care of your home’s exterior at all times. This directly affects your curb appeal as this is the first part of your home that people will see. 

To take care of this important aspect of your home you need to make sure that you are regularly inspecting sidings, the roof, and even the foundations for signs of damage

Foundation damage in particular can be very expensive and you need to make sure that you are taking the time to deal with it should you see any problems. 

Additionally, if you notice grime on the exterior of your home one of the easiest ways to get rid of this is to get a power wash. 

It’s fun to watch the hose strip away all that dirt and make everything shiny and new. You will think that you have just done a paint job when it’s finished. That’s the beauty of power washing.

Check Your HVAC System

It’s critical that you check your HVAC to make sure that it is working critically. The last thing you want is for it to be malfunctioning when you need it the most. This can make your comfortable environment not so comfortable. You need to make sure that you are changing filters regularly to ensure that it is operating at optimal levels. 

You want to ensure that you have the best air quality possible. You should go ahead and schedule maintenance at least once a year. Dig a little deeper into your piggy bank to make sure that any potential issues are addressed as soon as possible.

This way you don’t end up with no heat and shivering in winter or be in the heat of summer and feeling faint because of how hot you are in your own home

It’s a good idea for you to install a programmable thermostat. 

Consider paying for an u section of your HVAC system. Remember that even though you may have to pay for the inspection of your HVAC system’s maintenance, in the long run, it’s going to end up keeping money in your pockets.

An inspection will help you save on your energy bill when your HVAC is running in tip-top shape. Hire someone reputable to help you with your HVAC unit, even if you can’t afford a high-end company, select a knowledgeable startup that uses resources such as an HVAC glossary to understand how to give you the best value for your money.

Plumbing Is Vital

Another area that you can’t afford to skimp on is your plumbing. There’s nothing worse than having leaks and burst pipes in your home. 

You need to make sure you regularly check under your sinks around your toilet and also in your basement. You never know what’s leaking in there. 

You also need to make sure that your sump pump is being tested regularly. Know where it is and what it does. 

You should know where your main water shut-off is located in case you have an emergency. If you can afford it make sure that you insulate all exposed pipes so that they don’t freeze up, especially if you live somewhere where there is a harsh winter.

Electrical Safety Is Needed

Electrical safety is a necessity when you are looking at home maintenance. You need to periodically look at your electrical pattern to make sure that you don’t see any signs of wear, tear, and corrosion. 

Look out for exposed wires as well. This is a major sign that something is not quite right. You especially need to be vigilant if you see frayed wires from your appliances or your outlets. 

This is serious and you need to replace or fix the appliance and the outlets as well. 

There are whole house protectors available that you can use to save your electronics and appliances from power surges. You may have to dig a little deep in your pockets to get this done but it is well worth it to protect your major appliances which are many times more expensive to replace.

Inspect Your Roof

It’s critical that you inspect your roof regularly as well. This can be one of the more dangerous areas for maintenance tasks especially when it comes to inspection. If you have a flat proof then it’s very easy for you to do this on your own. 

However, if you have a sloping roof it’s best not to climb on it because you are going to put yourself in a very dangerous position. 

This is why many people prefer to have a professional do this for them. Whatever you decide to do just make sure that you get it done safely. 

Having a firm knowledge of exactly what is wrong with your roof from the get-go is a great start to help prevent it from not doing its job when it’s needed the most. You don’t want to have a thunderstorm and then discover that you have multiple leaks.

All of this can be prevented by doing simple inspections regularly. Once you do find a problem, work quickly to get it fixed. This water damage is especially detrimental because this can cause rotting which can cause roofs to collapse in extreme cases.

Thoroughly Check Your Appliances

Thoroughly check if your appliances are always in order because you need to make sure that they are functioning correctly. Don’t be afraid to plug them out of the wall and remove them if possible to get a closer look. 

Appliances can put a big dent in your finances when you have to replace them. You want to make sure that you find any problems as soon as possible. 

Doing repairs on an appliance is almost always cheaper than replacing it especially if it is a major one. Do not hesitate to get this right. 

Take Care of Your Lawn

As mentioned before it’s important for you to make sure your curb appeal is on point. The best way to do this is to take care of your front yard, especially your lawn. 

There are best practices out there that you can use to deal with your grass in every season of the year. Grass that is shabby and tacky looking will make your home look the same.

Put on your gardening hat and your gloves and get into your garden as well. In addition to keeping your grass looking pristine, you need to make sure your garden is eye-catching to look at as well.

All the maintenance tips given here are not that difficult to do. Some of them you may need help with but for the most part, if you are diligent you can carry them out yourself. There’s no need for you to break the bank to get professional help in some cases. Just set reminders on your phone and don’t shut them down when they go off. Take action immediately; you don’t want to keep putting things off. The more you put things off the more the wear and tear happens.