Little Ways You Can Make Your Business More Secure

Your business needs to be a tight ship. It needs someone at the helm who knows what they’re doing, you need to prioritize health and safety for your employees, and you’ve got a lot of customers to keep satisfied as well! And to manage all of these things, your company needs to be secure, more than anything else. 

But seeing as we live in a world filled with tech that makes life more convenient for all of us, you need to be smart about the security you employ. As such, here are some little ways to make your business more secure that few people think about. 

Have a Second Line of Cyber Defense

Sure, most devices come with their own inbuilt antivirus and firewall, but you can’t be sure these are enough. You’re going to need a second line of defense to rely on. Viruses are one thing, but programs that seem legitimate but are secretly malicious are downloaded every single day, and that’s one thing you can’t afford to let happen! 

Mostly this means you need a malware defense program, to ensure anything that may download and install in the background is caught immediately and quarantined from the rest of your system. 

Improve Your CCTV System

Any CCTV system is good, but you need a modern system to keep a proper eye. For example, when using something like a fibre camera adapter with a security camera, you can improve both the rate of connectivity and the overall picture quality. Images are pinged back much faster, and they’ll be in a much higher resolution. As such, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on! 

Never Let a Password Sit

Passwords should never stay the same for more than 60 days at a time. However, it’s best to change your passwords once a month. You can do this in swift motion with a reliable password manager; they’ll be listed in your own data bank and you can work systematically to create new ones. 

And in doing so, you take the extra step to ensure your company details are secure. After all, anyone who may already have your password will no longer be able to use it, and their time to act maliciously is reduced tenfold. 

Be Careful Over Connected Devices

Never let a personal device connect to your company network. Yes, your employees are going to have phones of their own, and so will many clients, and it’s standard to allow everyone to connect. But if you don’t have a separate wifi signal for such devices to use, you expose your data banks to all kinds of intrusion. 

Who knows how undefended a certain device may be? And all it takes is one simple connection to let a malicious intrusion in. So, set up a public wifi, and then operate on a private network behind the scenes. 

If you want your business to be secure against all threats, remember that the devil is in the details!