The Truth About Total Financial Freedom

Gaining financial freedom is something you can achieve slowly after many decades of work. You live minimally, work every day, and save as much as you can. 

Unfortunately, only a tiny fraction of people are cut out for this approach. It’s so difficult. And it requires you to give up the biggest and most important chunk of your life. By the time you have freedom, the show’s over. 

Total financial freedom is something you should aim to achieve from an early age. You want a method that lets you live the life you want to lead without having to worry about the future or how much money is in your bank account. You shouldn’t have to wait until you are 60 or 70 to have everything you want. That’s way too long. 

Truth 1: You Should Do What You Know You Need to Do Now

Many people want to retire early and gain financial freedom because they dislike their work. It has nothing to do with material wealth. 

But what if you could do something you love? Would you crave financial freedom then? Almost certainly not. Longing for work to end isn’t something that happens when you are caught up in the moment and loving what you do. 

Think of the doctor who works until he is 90 or the entrepreneur who continues running her business until she is 100. These people don’t want to retire. They want to live their lives to the fullest and do what they want to do. Going to work for them feels like play. 

Therefore, you should do what you want to do right now. For instance, if you want mobile and passive income, you should work as a freelancer and invest your spare cash. If you want fulfillment, you should begin training immediately so that you can do the job you want. You need to find yourself in society and then go for it. 

Truth 2: You Need Something Beyond Total Financial Freedom

Here’s the other truth that people don’t like to talk about: you also need something beyond financial freedom. Just having money won’t be enough to complete your life. There should be a higher calling of some sort. 

Imagine you get all the money you need. You’ll still need to feel like you can be of service to other people. You’ll want to give them the things that they want and need. Otherwise, you will sit in your castle, twiddling your thumbs. Nothing will be difficult for you and you will stagnate. 

We’re not saying that total financial freedom isn’t a bad thing. Many people strive for it and achieve it. However, you want to rig your life in a way that helps you get there and feel fulfilled at the same time. Being wealthy isn’t enough for most people to feel happy and effective in the world. They want to be of use to other people and have something that they can do to contribute. That’s the truth of the matter.