Thinking of Hosting a Public Event? Here Are Some Changes You Should Make

The global health crisis has made it extremely difficult for businesses to run events. These days, if you’re interested in hosting a public event, you’re going to need to make a few changes to your plans in order to attract more people. Everyone is worried about their personal safety now and there are some people that would much prefer to sit at home if they can.

So whatever your event is about, here are a couple of tips to help ensure that you can run your public event and still make it extremely popular.

Switch to Digital Solutions When Possible

There are a number of digital solutions available that are important to consider when it comes to hosting a public event. For example, you might want to consider using a Blinq digital business card instead of handing out regular cards. This can be a much better option for people who want to minimize contact and touching, and it’s also a much more modern way to give people your contact information. If you prefer, you could also just have a large QR code at your booth or around your event which can point to your website.

Digital solutions like this are going to be more and more popular as people continue to be conscious of hygiene whenever they go outside. It’s important to provide alternatives to your guests even if you have business cards and flyers printed out already.

Consider Streaming Your Event on the Internet

These days, virtual events are becoming more and more popular and it’s showing us that online-only events can work and may even bring in more audiences. But it’s important that you follow a few important guidelines to make it successful:

  • Make sure that attending your event in person gives people more benefits or a reward. If there’s really no reason to attend your event, then people will just go online and watch it from their home or office instead.
  • Be careful how you monetize your event. Most people aren’t willing to pay just to watch an event and it can drastically reduce your viewer count which makes it seem a lot less popular. You can monetize your event in other ways, such as offering discounts to viewers to buy your products and services or giving them a premium pass option which allows them to watch the event again and rewind to places they’ve watched before.
  • Ensure that all of your technology is working and has been tested. Don’t just assume that everything is going to work just fine; make sure you run some tests and ensure the quality is good and the sound is clear.

Streaming your virtual event can be difficult, especially if it’s in a large venue with lots of different booths or planned activities and exhibits. However, it can drastically improve the number of people that see your event and it can draw people in that would otherwise be unable to attend your event in person.