When Success Comes like a Bolt from the Blue

Whoever you look to in business for inspiration the advice will be fairly much along the same lines – adopt a positive attitude, get your finances sorted, identify your market and so on. If this all sounds a bit repetitive it is because it is actually good advice. Whatever tweaks you may want to make to give your SME an advantage over its competitors it is still very important that you get the basics right first.

Business success most of the time derives from common sense, application and hard work. Other than in exceptional circumstances, the only time success in business comes like a bolt from the blue is when you are in the business of bolts.

That having been said, a career in the crossbow industry is not to be sniffed at. Sales are increasing year upon year, and whether you are a supplier, a manufacturer or a stockist there would appear to be room at the inn for new players in the trade. The Archery Trade Association (ATA) reports that crossbow sales seem to be on a consistently upward trajectory.

Why Crossbows Are Popular

One of the reasons for the growth in their popularity seems to be that most crossbows are relatively affordable. The same sources which enthuse about their increasing success rue the corresponding decline in high-end compound bows. Companies with a great reputation in the industry like TenPoint Crossbow Technologies are becoming de rigueur with enthusiasts all over the US and beyond.

The crossbow has a long and rich history both as an instrument for hunting and as a weapon. Indeed in some militaries, such as the Peruvian army, they are still used in certain situations. The Chinese military also deploys them in circumstances where gunpowder might risk causing an explosion. Because of their silence and accuracy they were once a weapon of choice for people committing assassinations, although thankfully this practice would appear to be in decline.

It is also the tool of choice for many hunters as it gives a clean kill. Less stringent regulations in many jurisdictions lead it to be preferred to guns and rifles, whilst the fact that it is more powerful and easier to aim accurately than a compound bow makes it a preference here too.

Sporting Use

In sport a differentiation is made between field and match crossbow, the latter being considered similar in principle and usage to the Olympic rifle. World Championships are organized under the auspices of the International Crossbow Shooting Union, based in Germany, which stages biannual competitions.

The crossbow’s versatility ensures its popularity, which makes it a fairly safe and sustainable option for any new business seeking a niche. Whilst manufacture or storage would involve a considerable start-up investment, the direct supply from recognized stockists to customers through a drop shipping arrangement provides options for the smallest enterprise. Anybody entering the trade needs always to be mindful of the various different regulations applied in different parts of the world, and indeed at state level within the US.