Struggling With Your Next Career Move? Top Tips to Help You Move Forward

Your career is a large part of your life, and it can be disheartening when you are struggling with where you are, or what your next career move should be. There’s a lot to learn, from finding the right career for you, and excelling in the job.

Whether you are feeling burnt out, don’t like where you are, or feel like you need a change, here are some top tips to help you through your struggles and spark some inspiration. It can seem daunting at first, your career defines your success and pays your bills, not to mention you will spend a large part of your time there, so you want to find something you enjoy.

Take a Break

Whether it is a couple of weeks’ holiday or a short-term sabbatical, taking yourself out of your current environment can be a great way to give yourself the space to reflect. It is also helpful to use some of this time to not think about work so that you can come back to it with a fresh and open mind.

Review Your Current Situation

Take a step back and review your current situation. What parts of your current job do you enjoy? Which parts of your daily life do you enjoy? Do you like to cook? Clean? Manage people? Spend time outside? Start to create a list of all the things you enjoy, plus all your strengths. This might help you get a step closer.

Don’t Rush Into a Decision

Sometimes, it can be tempting to just quit and figure it out as you go along. While this may work out for some people, it is a sensible idea to stick out your current job until you at least have a good amount of savings, or are a bit clearer on your next move. Try not to rush into any big changes or make any drastic decisions just yet. Make sure you plan as much as you can and give yourself time to sit on any ideas you have. Sometimes the next thing you are jumping to may seem more appealing than your current situation, but you don’t want to find yourself in the same state again. Additionally, there could be some issues you need to sort and solve before you make a big change. If you’re coming back from active duty, you may need a security clearance lawyer to ease your transition. There could also be debts or contracts you need to rerpay and fulfill as you could be liable for abandoning these.

Build Your Skills

If you are unsure of what you want to do, why not try new things and build new skills? This will give you a chance to dip your toes in different areas and see what you like and don’t like.

If you know which area you want to go in, before making any big decisions like quitting your job, building your skills in that area is a great step forward to take. In some careers, the skills are required. In others, it can increase your chances of getting into the job you want.

If you want to become a pilot, then you’ll need to look at helicopter flight school, if you want to become a lawyer, then you will need to pass the relevant degrees to do so. If you want to become a chef, you may consider practicing your skills or looking for a mentor.

Until you take time to review your situation, build your skills and try new things, you will not be able to see what opportunities lie ahead.