3 Key Social Media Terms Your Business Needs to Learn

Social media for business is such a powerful marketing tool that can really help you get off the ground. A lot of small businesses only enjoy success thanks to their strong social media presence. When done correctly, you can grow a following of loyal supporters that will be willing to spend their money on you. Not only that, but they will share your content so you can reach a wider audience and keep growing.

Clearly, there’s a lot to understand when dealing with social media. There are all sorts of social media terms you have to learn, but here are three that are particularly important.


No, this doesn’t refer to someone doing an impression of someone else on social media. Instead, it is a term referring to a particular social media metric that’s used to measure how many times your post has been seen on the platform. Let’s take a Twitter post as an example here. Imagine you tweet something and see that it has gained 1000 impressions. This means that 1000 people have seen that tweet. It’s a very important term to know as it tells you how successful your posts are in terms of how many people are seeing them.


Similarly, if you need to know about impressions, you need to know about reach. The two terms are often used together, but they mean slightly different things. Going back to impressions, you know that it’s the number of times your post has been seen on the platform. This simply means that your content has been displayed and someone has seen it. By contrast, reach is the total number of people who see your content, with some platforms also defining it as the number of people that interact with it.

Okay, this probably sounds confusing, but this next point will make it clearer. Impressions don’t take into account someone seeing your post numerous times. Reach is all to do with the number of unique people seeing your content. So, if someone sees your post 10 times, all 10 of those times count towards impressions, but only 1 goes towards the reach.


While the previous two terms are social media metrics you should measure to determine how successful your posts are, this final one relates to the content you should post. Memes are popular things online that everyone shares and they start to become iconic. It’s quite hard to actually define a meme, but the idea is that they are very sharable and go viral.

As a business, you need to know memes and make them part of your content. A good trick is to spot memes and download them, so you can repost them with a spin that relates to your business. For any video memes, consider things like this VideoBuddy app download to get them onto your devices from social media. Then, you can repost, make the memes relevant to your company, and draw in a huge audience. When a meme gets popular, people search for them all the time to see the different spins users have put on them. It’s a great way to draw in more people while making your business seem hip and modern.

Get to grips with these three key terms and your business social media strategy is sure to be in a great place.