Does My Small Business Really Need A Blog?

It seems that everyone these days is blogging! One of the easier of online tools, anybody can set up and run a blog if he or she wants to. However, with a mass of blogs on the market, I’m often asked whether the smaller of business models really need to be blogging about their company venture?

I am all for promoting businesses online, particularly the smaller ones, as it is where many customers prefer to spend their time, both at work and at play. Therefore, if you have any online presence and are wondering whether it is worth your time in taking the next step to a blog, I would thoroughly recommend it.

A Few Reasons to Start Your Business Blog:

  • Blogging is so easy to start, it’s cost-effective and brilliant for connecting with customers while sharing further communication about your business.
  • It has been proven by many surveys that those businesses who have a blog are more likely to receive additional customers, when compared to those businesses who have no blogging presence.
  • A blog can be the center of all your social media content. This is the place where all your posts can refer to and link back to, making it the heart of your online campaigns, if you prefer.
  • Blogging creates a conversation between company and customer. This interaction can also include feedback and constructive comments about your company and its methods.
  • The blog posts that you create are a great way to showcase your expertise. If you can write a succession of regular blog posts based on your products and services, you show customers you know all about what you are selling them.
  • Having a blog encourages you to be more business-like. With many people reading your content, you will be more inclined to develop a focus for your blog.