Shattering Some Preconceptions About Online Learning

Are you wasting away in a job your despise? Do opportunities seem just out of reach? Are you sick of failing to be properly recognized and rewarded for your hard work? Can you feel your skills wasting away hour by hour and day by day? Nobody likes being stuck in a rut, but if you don’t take steps to dig yourself out now, that rut is only going to feel cosier and cosier. Opportunities for progression or promotion will pass you by, your boss will continue to take you for granted and you’ll have to endure your friends showing off the spoils of success while you continue to be exploited by a corporation that represses your wages and keeps your household finances lagging just behind the cost of living.

We all know that education is the fastest path to career progression, new challenges and new opportunities but getting the kind of Higher Education course that can unlock the career of your dreams is easier said than done. Between your work and family commitments you simply don’t have the time to study on campus. Sure, you could do one of those online courses, but they’re not real degrees, right? Wrong! Online learning is the perfect way to better yourself, unlock your potential and right the ship when it comes to your finances. It can empower you to pursue the career you’ve always wanted or even imbue you with the skills to set up your own business. But you’ve held off applying because you believe these silly preconceptions…

Online Learning Isn’t Interactive. You Don’t Get the Full He Experience

It’s easy to assume when you haven’t studied an online degree that while you may get the same content as a campus led course that you don’t enjoy the same perks. Like the opportunity to interact with your peers, exchange notes and ideas or approach your lecturers to ask questions. But given that most lecture halls today are packed with students typing into their laptops or tablets the experiences are identical in most every way. Plus, online learners get unrestricted access to their fellow students and tutors via online chat or over email.

Online Learning Is Fine, for Learning’s Sake, but It’s Not Vocationally Useful

You may think that online learning might be fine if your interest in your subject is purely academic but it has limited value in the vocational world. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Online degrees can help you become a nurse through an online FNP Program or even a midwife. Or it can unlock careers in anything else from law enforcement to teaching. Online courses are as recognized as campus courses by employers and the fact that you;ve shown you can juggle your studies and your job will speak to your organizational and time management skills.

Online Learning Can’t Be Valid Because It’s Too Easy

Anyone who says this clearly hasn’t studied an online course. Once again, in terms of content they’re virtually identical to campus based courses. The only thing that’s different is how the content is delivered to you. While some students do find learning this way easier, it certainly doesn’t invalidate the content of the course itself.

Online learning could take your skills and your career to the next level. So don’t let misinformation put you off!