Round the World in $100 (Or Something like That)

When it comes to going away, most of us take things one country at a time. All the better for managing travel on a small budget, right? If you were to visit multiple countries, that bill would soon add up. Before you know, you’d be looking at a vacation that well exceeds your spending money. So, aside from that ‘once in a lifetime’ backpacking experience, you prefer to see the world in sections.

In many ways, that choice makes sense. There’s no denying it’s the right option for many. Those living from paycheck to paycheck would struggle to find a better alternative. But, what if we were to tell you that saving up to see more countries at once could save you money in the long run? After all, each trip costs in things like flights and insurance. All of which you could potentially do away with if you tackled a multi-country trip.

Of course, that isn’t always the case. If you opt for multi-country travel without thought, the price will soon add up. It’s also worth noting that there is a chance this will cost you more at the time. But, over the years, travelling like this could lead you to significant savings. At least, it could if you take these budgeting pointers onboard.

Consider Your Route

The first thing to do is consider your route. Travelling all the way to Australia and then France is still going to set you back an insane amount. But, if you get smart with route planning, you can make multi-country travel work while keeping costs low. The main thing to remember is that you want to avoid flights where possible. These are one of the most expensive options you could face. Not to mention that multiple flights are enough to stress anyone out. Instead, look out for train connections between your destinations. Trips to Europe are always fantastic options thanks to the Eurostar. It’s possible to get from Paris to Belgium in around 1 hour and 22 minutes, all for the grand price of around $60. Once in Belgium, you could for instance travel from Brussels to Rome for less than seventy euros. That’s just over $80. The same can be said for many connecting countries. If in doubt, check with a map to see what your options are. In some cases, this may still not work. A train from Paris to Italy, for instance, can take upwards of 11 hours and will still cost a pretty penny. But, by getting your thinking cap on and planning every leg of the journey, there’s no reason you can’t make this work. Then, aside from your initial flight, you’ll be able to keep your feet firmly on the ground. If you’re travelling from London to Paris, you could even avoid flights by taking the whole trip by Eurotunnel. All the better for cutting costs!

Travel at Night

Aside from just considering your route, it’s also worth thinking about the time at which you travel. Many of us avoid nighttime travel, and for obvious reasons. You won’t be able to admire all those fantastic sights from a dark window. Plus, few of us embrace the idea of sleeping while sitting up. But, if you want to visit multiple countries on a tight travel budget, that may need to be exactly what you do. Think about it; accommodation is often right up there with flights as the most expensive travel addition. Even those staying in hostels and the like can expect to pay a fair amount in individual countries. Even if they don’t, this is an added cost which could cut a whole country from your itinerary. Unless you sleep while on the go. By booking travel over the night, you won’t have to worry about hotel rooms. Even if you pay a little extra for reclining seats, you can bet this move will save you a load of money. It may not be the luxury travel life you’re used to living, but you can bet it’ll open up your possibilities no end.In some cases, you may even find that a night on the tracks costs less than a hotel ever would. If it makes you feel better, you could mix this up with one night in a bed followed by a night of travel. You would still save a fair amount by the end of your stay. What’s more, travel in the dead of night is often cheaper due to a lack of interest. So, forget sniffing at that midnight train. Book it up now and get going!

Take a Cruise

When it comes to budget travel, few of us consider cruises. Most of us think this is about the most expensive option out there. Certainly, it’s always been viewed as the reserve of the wealthy. But, what if we were to tell you that a cruise is a pretty cheap option when it comes to multi-country travel? Think about it before you roll your eyes. Cruises involve one upfront payment and include everything from food to visits to many countries. Of course, a straight out cruise wouldn’t see you visiting countries as such. But, a stop over cruise could see you visiting many countries for much less than you would pay otherwise. Something like the Northern Lights Transatlantic Cruise listed in these Bolsover cruise and stay holidays could see you travelling between Iceland and New York. And, all that for less than $2,600. Given that a flight to New York alone can reach over the $1,300, this seems like a no-brainer. You would undoubtedly struggle to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for less. Hence why it’s well worth considering something like this if you want to see more for less. And, you’ll get to live a life of luxury while you do it! What’s not to love?

Make the Most of Stopovers

If none of the above appeals, don’t despair. We have one last pointer which could help you to get the most from your travels. We are, of course, talking about flight stopovers. When embarking on long-distance flights, it isn’t unusual to have a layover somewhere along the way. This is due to a plane’s need to refuel, and most of us see this as an irritation at best. But, we’re here to change that thinking. All you need to do is consider where these stopovers are, and how you could make the most of them. In keeping with the New York example, consider that some New York flights stop off at KEF airport in Iceland. By planning ahead and knowing how long you crossover is, you could get at least some time to enjoy Iceland. Of course, it’ll be difficult to do much with a change which takes less than two hours. Often, though, stops like these can range for five hours or more. Knowing that you can make fast plans to at least head to a local town and have a look around. All without having to worry about the cost of accommodation while you’re there. Given that your bags are already onboard, you won’t even have to worry about rushing back for bag check-in. Just like that, you can add another country to your time away at no extra cost at all.

So, next time you book a stay away, consider whether you can fit more countries into your time. If you have wanderlust in your bones, this is a fantastic way to satisfy it on a budget!