The Real Reasons Successful People Choose to Travel Under the Stars

Who you are when you travel says an awful lot about you as a person. After all, with all of the other indicators of your life stripped back, travel is really about getting to the core of yourself. Hence why so many people talk about ‘traveling to find themselves!’ Unfortunately, your ability to get to the truth about who you are is significantly hindered if you book a stay in a luxury hotel that doesn’t leave much scope for personal growth.

By comparison, spending at least some time traveling under the stars can make a huge difference to your outlook and overall approach by truly stripping things back. For successful people, especially, camping trips, hiking trails, and any other number of off-the-beaten-track adventures can all help to solidify successful thinking and provide the grit needed to face high-pressure boardrooms and so on. If you aren’t convinced, keep on reading to find out why exactly successful people are more likely to choose a trip under the stars.

#1: A Cheaper Way to Travel

Despite images of top-end business people splashing the cash, success is really about making your money stretch. With that in mind, any successful individual looking to jet away at any time they fancy is always best off saving on trips they do take. Luxury hotels are never going to serve that purpose, but adventures that require only one-time investment in survival kits and similar gear as offered by companies like EcoGear FX are far better able to travel for less. Admittedly, you might prefer a paid campsite over a completely wilderness-based experience, but you’re still going to spend significantly less this way.

#2: Stepping Outside of the Box

It’s no secret that successful people are typically innovative thinkers. This is true of all of our great minds and inventors, and it’s a reality that can also be applied to travel. After all, there’s something stifling about hotel rooms that are ultimately modeled on your digs back home. By comparison, under-stars camping trips of any ilk provide a far more unfamiliar experience, forcing you to do things differently from everyone else, and perhaps even getting those ideas firing for your next big business venture as a result.

#3: Pushing Your Boundaries

Sleeping under the stars can also push your boundaries, especially when you’re traveling in unfamiliar places. Unlike a trip where everything is taken care of for you, you’ll especially have to get hands-on about sourcing food, making fires, and ensuring you’ve got somewhere warm to sleep for the night. Given that even successful people can feel like they have boundaries/limited capabilities, this can be a great lesson in pushing those limits and achieving great things as a result. Which, incidentally, is a lesson that every successful individual and otherwise could benefit from remembering now and again.

Travel is a personal thing, but successful people often choose to embrace adventure over comfort for good reason. Why not take the leap and potentially improve your own prospects back home in the process?