Where to Put Your Investment Funds in Europe: Countries with Potential

Investment funds are beneficial by default, but to make the most of this opportunity, you need to set them up in the right countries. Europe currently has some of the most stable and fast-growing economies. Therefore, taking your money there is sure to be a profitable endeavor. Most importantly, EU countries make this process rather easy, which offers great opportunities for global investors. To increase your profits, you’ll need to choose the right countries for your investments.

But don’t forget that before you decide where exactly to put your money, you need to research how to set up an investment fund. Learn all the tips and tricks that will help you maximize your returns as well as prevent any major problems that might ruin your plans. And always seek legal help from the countries you choose to invest in.

Best European Countries for Your Investment Funds

1. Montenegro

Montenegro is a tiny state with the GDP of $11.758 billion in 2018. Its economy is growing extremely fast, but the main advantage of this country for potential investors is the simplicity of the local system. It’s rather easy to start a business in Montenegro. And the country offers a wide range of investment vehicles. However, you’ll need some help from local experts to navigate the process and avoid any bureaucratic underwater stones.

The easiest way is to go with a D.O.O. because this particular type of company allows you great flexibility. Opening a D.O.O. in Montenegro is a rather low-risk plan. This limited liability company only requires one shareholder and capital of one Euro. Therefore, you can start your Montenegro investment even with limited resources.

2. The Netherlands

The Netherlands have GDP of $966.742 billion in 2018. The country is the 17th in the world and its economy is one of the most lucrative for investment. The reason for this is that the country is positively striving with some of the most progressive projects of our time. Therefore, your investment can pay off extremely well.

However, the banking and legal systems in the Netherlands are rather tricky. Dutch lawyers specialized in opening investment funds can offer consults and all necessary legal aid to prevent issues. It’s essential to focus on experience when looking for a team of lawyers in the Netherlands. The professional you decide to work with must have not only experience with the local business legislation. They also need to have experience of working with international investors before, preferably ones from your own country.

3. Luxembourg

Luxembourg has GDP of $67 billion and economy that basically runs on financial services. This makes it one of the best countries for opening investment funds. The fact that the economy is growing steadily is another advantage of this choice. Luxembourg is one of the most stable countries in Europe and due to its situation, major instability causes, like Brexit, have little impact on it.

The industrial sector of Luxembourg’s economy has been growing at a fast pace. It’s also getting rather diverse, opening new promising investment opportunities. And the country’s ‘specialization’ in financial services means that you have a great number of options for your investment funds. You’ll need to get professional counsel for both financial and legal aspects of this investment in order to increase the benefits the Luxembourg economy has to offer.

4. Poland

Poland is as close to an economic miracle as any country in the EU has gotten in the last three decades. Its nominal GDP is $615.021 billion and it has the fastest-growing economy in its sector. Simply put, if you are looking for an investment location that can bring fast results, this is your best choice.

One of the reasons why Poland’s economy is booming now is that the country has one of the simplest procedures for investment. As a foreigner, you are more likely to get benefits instead of trying to work around limitations as it often happens with international investment. The Polish welcome global funds and any professional on international law will be able to help you set up your investment.

5. The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has gained notoriety on the global economic scene over the last decade due to its rapid growth. The country is one of the safest in the world and its tourist industry is currently booming. The nominal GDP reached $237.997 billion in 2018, which means that it’s one of the top EU countries for the speed of GDP growth. Therefore, it’s one of the best places for investors.

This country has an export-oriented economy with a heavy focus on innovation, which means you can find plenty of interesting investment opportunities. Like Poland, the Czech Republic is open to foreign funds, so many legal procedures are simplified. You can find a variety of investment vehicles and will only need minimal local help in setting up an investment fund.

The energy and automobile production sectors are particularly lucrative in the Czech Republic of today. But about 60% of the economy is the service sector, so this will be the most profitable opportunity.