Planning Your Next Career Move: Tips to Enhance Your Prospects

If you’re on a mission to land your dream job, or you’re hoping to climb the career ladder, it’s natural to want to give yourself the best possible shot. In this guide, we’ll offer some top tips to help you enhance your employment prospects.

Skills and Training

Developing skills and undertaking training is a brilliant way to improve your employability and increase your chances of securing a promotion or finding a new job. You can study online, complete practical training courses or workshops or expand your skill set by going back to college or doing apprenticeships. Look for opportunities that are relevant to the job you want or the industry in which you wish to work. If you’re looking to progress within the same company, talk to your employer about training options.

Enhancing Your Online Image

Nowadays, employers can often access information and find out more about prospective employees without meeting them. The Internet provides opportunities for employers and panels to delve deeper. From social media to information relating to previous convictions or charges, it’s possible for your online image and reputation to hold you back. Use professional services to remove mugshots, delete posts or images you may have shared in the past, and set your profiles to private to prevent potential employers from accessing information you don’t want them to see.

Gaining Experience

A lack of experience is one of the most common reasons employers give for not offering candidates a job. If you are looking to boost your chances of getting a new job, or you want to switch careers, it’s beneficial to try and gain as much experience as possible. Practical experience will help you develop your skills and show employers that you are committed, motivated and dedicated.


Networking is an excellent way to build a contact list, meet company bosses and team leaders and find out about openings before they are advertised on websites or through recruitment agencies. Try to attend networking events that are relevant to your area of interest, be confident when you talk to the people you meet and hand out business cards so that employers can reach you if they think you fit the bill. You can also use professional social media apps to create contact networks.

Tailoring Job Applications

One common mistake job-seekers make is to fire off the same application time and time again. If you are searching for a position, it’s crucial to read the job description carefully and tailor your application to the role. If your application is vague, it won’t stand out from others and you might not get a chance to impress during an interview. Review and update your resume and create a new cover letter for each job application.

Are you thinking about changing careers, do you fancy a change of scenery, or are you on a mission to get your dream job? If you’re plotting your next move, take these tips on board to enhance your prospects. Expand your skill set, undertake training when possible, enhance and protect your online reputation, tailor each job application and network.