Planning an Eco Friendly Beach Wedding in Koh Samui on a Budget

A beach wedding holds tremendous appeal for many reasons. After all, who wouldn’t want to say “I do” to the backdrop of a beautiful sunset and swaying palm trees? With Koh Samui’s miles of white sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters, and warm weather, a ceremony in Samui is a natural choice for a beach wedding. With the multitude of wedding venues available on the island and places to have a ceremony, it’s easy to have an eco-friendly aspect to your wedding, too. Here are some things to think about if you want to make sure that your big day does not have a negative lasting impact on the environment.

Choosing a Theme

One of the fun things about planning a beach wedding in Thailand is that you get to choose a theme to set the tone for your special day. The nice thing about a beach is that unlike an indoor venue, you already have a number of natural props to use. For instance, you can create bouquets or decorate tables with seashells, anemones, and other beach items. Colorful floral patterns can add drama to your ceremony, while whites and blues keep things elegant, simple, and more traditional.

Finding a Wedding Venue

Another aspect of planning, of course, is selecting the right venue. The good thing about having a wedding in Samui is that because it’s a popular beach wedding destination, there are many venues and accommodations to choose from that cater to wedding parties of all sizes. If you’re searching for an eco-friendly spot to tie the knot, one suggestion is the Faraway Wedding Venue. An environmentally-responsible tone sets the stage for a lovely ceremony that doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. With the site’s stunning gardens and sandy shoreline, you won’t need any artificial decorations at all. There are also a number of environmentally-friendly bungalows, resorts, and hotels where you can arrange your ceremony and have guests stay afterwards. Some places to check out include the Villa Kalyana and Misakawaan Residences for larger groups or the exotic Villa Riva, which is smaller and more intimate. A place called The Jungle Club, which is nestled in the lush hillsides of Koh Samui, is a rustic accommodation with minimal impact on the environment.

Wedding Packages

Weddings can get expensive, which is why it’s always a good idea to get a wedding package if possible. A wedding package can include common services, such as a catering company, wedding photography, and a wedding planner. It can also be arranged as part of a total package if you choose to stay at a resort or hotel. In this case, you typically get a suite of services that you would otherwise pay a-la-carte for, such as meals, complimentary rooms, and use of the facility’s wedding venue if it has one. Without a package deal, you can easily end up over-extending your wedding budget.

Setting a Budget

On that note, you’ll want to set a budget as part of your preparations for the wedding in Samui. When you itemize each expense, you have a much better idea of how much everything will cost and where you might be able to save some money. By choosing a minimalist wedding venue and accommodations, for instance, you’ll be able to cut back on costs. Selecting the beach as your wedding site, where you don’t have to pay for excess decorations, is another way to save money.

Wedding Gifts

If you’re attending a wedding in Samui, you’ll want to think of nice gifts for the newlyweds. If the married couple is environmentally conscious, you can plan a gift that considers their lifestyle and mindset. Since eco-friendly wedding gifts are becoming popular, you should not have a hard time finding meaningful gifts. For instance, you can get matching coffee mugs or thermal mugs with the couple’s initials and an assortment of their favorite coffee or tea. Getting seeds for a garden instead of pre-cut flowers is another environmentally-friendly gift.

With its sandy beaches, sunny skies, and spectacular natural beauty, Koh Samui is naturally a prime beach wedding destination. While you’re there, you don’t have to spoil the surrounding environment. With a few simple considerations, it’s easy to make your ceremony eco friendly.