Planning to Attend a Business Show? Every Decision You Make Matters

Are you planning to attend a business show? Absolutely every choice you make from the decision to attend will lend itself to the final quality of what you present, even if those choices are to eschew certain elements you previously thought were worthwhile. There are many variables that go into your show you may not plan for, such as the receptiveness of the audience for example. However, to a large extent, a curated space such as this will lend itself to plenty of freedom in your business choreography.

If this is your first rodeo, you may become quite overwhelmed in the first instance. This can lead you to hurriedly make decisions that seem good at the time but were really made out of panic. However, there’s no need to stress. With the following advice, you are sure to attend this business show well, and conduct a show that is sure to impress.

The Venue

The venue you choose matters. You need to attend a trade event with a large reach, and preferably in the section of the industry you care about. This can help you connect with people who actually care about what you may have to offer in the first instance. However, if looking to expand your reach and potentially become the most niche and interesting booth at a trade show, it can sometimes pay to visit more generalized business options. However, you will need to promote yourself distinctly in order to attain interest in these venues.

Ideally, you want to attend a trade event with a great reputation in the past, one with a sizeable and potentially state of the art hall spaces. You should ideally have the option to present with a booth and also a segment of presenting on the main stage if you feel that is appropriate. It’s always best to ask for a list of terms from the trade event organizers itself, this way you will know what conduct to follow, what options there are for your creative input, and how to schedule the construction of your show or presentation in the first place. All of this is appropriate to think about, as the venue in large part dictates most of the success and reach of your presentation. From there you should think about:

The Promotion

Promoting your attendance is something you can do on your own terms, but you should also engage with the official output of the trade event. Allow them to use your logo if so requested, and try to drum up support for the whole event, not just your business. It’s must easier to excite an audience into visiting a large show rather than to come out for you in particular, especially if you’re a new business trying to find your ground. The more tickets sold or the more people in the stadium the better for you, because it opens the possibility of being seen by these potential customers, and even networking appropriately with new contacts.

Consider promoting on social media, attaching custom flyers, leaflets or cards about your attendance with every product sold from now, or sending out weekly emails about this through your email mailing list. Be sure to retweet or share any posts made by the trade event, and do your best to connect with other businesses attending on social media, as a show of support could come back to help you, or you may just exchange friendly pleasantries at the show itself.

The Presenters

When it comes to presenting your booth or even main show slot, you should leave nothing to chance. You need to hire people who are knowledgeable and willing to present your offering in an attractive manner. This means both hiring people who are passionate about your product and have great presentation skills. This could be an in-house director or even an employee (many of them would seize the chance if given the opportunity.) If this isn’t available to you, it’s perfectly fine to hire actors, as they will often know how to draw large crowds and project their voice well.

It’s essential to rehearse this script (even if it’s just a loose guideline script,) up and down, backwards and forwards, front to back. The presenters should know exactly the major points they need to hit, and what style of presentation they could offer. If working with someone who has an intimate knowledge of your brand, they may also be able to draft input to help you present in a more natural way. This creative process is important to follow, as the more curated it is, the more polished your product and business will seem. Never be afraid to inject a little silliness, a little creativity, or a little uniqueness to the whole affair. It could be the difference between just another trade show slot and something that truly excites the audience.

You may watch YouTube videos of past great product unveilings to get an idea of what polish looks like, and what it absolutely doesn’t look like.

The Product

If unveiling a product, or showing one at your booth, you may need to consider what the requirements are. It may be that you have running video with the features explained looping on the televisions you have fixed to the wall in your booth. It might be that you have a demonstratable model (and spares in the back) to allow the audience to engage with your product. Consider if your product allows this. A car may only allow people to sit inside, but a phone model could be presented as they do in the Apple Store.

If you run a crafts shop, you might decide to bring in some kinaesthetic stimulation, allowing select people to come in and try to craft a product with your specialist. You may run a show including a volunteer and present that eight times in a day. Your product is the purpose of the show and will strengthen your output. Never be afraid to present it in the most positive light, because this could really help you engage new people. For example, let’s say you produce musical instruments or DJ equipment. Setting up a DJ booth and allowing children to come and have a mini-lesson with a hired professional could help your product seem flashy, easy to use and of course, fun. There are many methods of presenting your product in the best light possible depending on its structure, so be sure to consider what you have to offer and make it the star of the show.

The Essentials

It’s important to consider the package your offering arrives in, as in the entire essential format of your show. You should consider the lights used in your booth, how it’s decorated, how people are supposed to navigate the space, or if they simply look at a booth with the professionals behind it. You should consider if you have the room to play quiet music in your booth to bring your own small atmosphere to the proceedings and if you’re going to bring a small canopy or marquee to present your goods in. You should consider the logistical nature of where items should be stored, how many support staff you’ll need, and what shift patterns they will take.

You’ll also need to see what staff allowances are allowed at the trade event, such as how many people you can bring if there are refreshments throughout the course of the day, and when the intermissions are. All of this can contribute to the essential package of your offering, be that in presentation, convenience or the general success of your presence.

The Purpose

You need to consider the purpose of your attendance in order to fully grasp what you have to gain. Are you hoping to secure order forms for your product unveiling, or are you hoping to sign X amount of people to your mailing list? Do you hope to become featured or simply exposed through the convenience of social media? Are you hoping to network effectively and perhaps secure a business connection? How about opening yourself up for potential investment?

When you know the purpose you can begin to work on the small details of your output. Could you graft takeaway bags for everyone who engages with your booth, or freebies that are merchandised and spread your name or contact information? Do you hope to win the best of show award? Are you simply there to have a good time and celebrate your business? Ironically enough, this last point can make your showing seem more attractive to engage with.

A very valid reason to attend a trade show is to learn from the experts around you, to figure out the usual format of how the greats perform while also rubbing shoulders with them on the trading floor. This could help your attendance next year, and so on and so forth.

With all of this in mind, attending a business show is sure to become an excellent choice, and the decisions you make will do nothing but support you in that endeavor.