Marketing Ideas That Don’t Suck

Marketing can be a huge part of a new business, but it will also sometimes be something which can become boring pretty quickly. Marketing, as a rule, is all about getting people to know who your brand is, what you do and what you stand for. If you feel as if you are in a bit of a creative rut with your marketing this year, here are some of the things you can do to make it better.

Idea #1: Share Your Follower’s Content

Part of marketing on social media and interacting with your audience involves acknowledging their work and using it for your own page. Create a tag which is specifically targeted to your brand and let your followers use this on social media to share their images and other content which relate to your products or service. You can then share this picture to your entire audience and this will show your followers that you really appreciate the content that they create and it will also encourage more people to do it afterwards.

Idea #2: Hold a Giveaway

If you are stuck in a rut and want to reach a lot of new people quickly, one of the things you can do is to hold a giveaway. The simple fact is that everyone loves free stuff. Free stuff is always a great way to drag people into your content and to show them who you are. You can hold a giveaway on your social media and use a promotion to let it reach a wider audience. A giveaway will immediately give you more engagement from your existing customers as well as new ones.

Idea #3: Create “Tag a Friend” Content

When you scroll through your newsfeed at night, you will likely see posts which encourage you to tag a friend to see a video or to be part of a joke. These pieces of content can be really helpful tools to widen your reach and get more people to visit your page. This can also be some fun and light-hearted content that will help you gain a more personal relationship with your audience.

Idea #4: Behind the Scenes

A lot of companies are now sharing things which aren’t just content about products, but also content from behind the scenes in the office and on photo shoots. The idea of sharing more about your actual business can be great because it adds a human touch to your brand and makes people see you for who you actually are. Your audience will feel more like part of your team and they will also trust you much more.

Idea #5: Use Current Events and Interests

When it comes to your content, you can start thinking about current events and thing which the world are talking about to make great content. For example, you can latch onto fun holidays like national pizza day, and you can also think about events like the World Cup, the Olympics and also a movie and TV releases. All of these things will help you to get your content trending and it can even result in on if your posts going viral.

Idea #6: Use More Emojis

You might think that emojis are strictly for personal use, but actually, you are better off using emojis for your content to bring your personality across. As a brand, you will have to choose your tone of voice pretty early on, and the tone of voice you use will represent who you are and the kind of person you are. Using emojis can help to give across your personality and allow you to relate more to your audience.

Idea #7: Create a How-To Video

Video content is becoming an essential part of every company out there. You need to think about starting to create videos which are to do with your brand and which relate to the products or the services you provide. For example, if you were selling kitchen products you can make cooking videos using these products and show your customers how they can be useful in the kitchen. Think of ways to bring your content up to the next level and think about how to draw people in.

Idea #8: Polls

If you are finding yourself short on content or struggling with ideas for a new product range, don’t just sit in the office for hours on end struggling. Ask your audience! Twitter has a great feature which allows you to poll your audience and let them choose between a few different options. You can run a poll for products or content and see what seems to be the most popular, and use this as a guide for the future. Remember that your main aim in business is to please your customers, so make sure you do it.

Idea #9: Run a Live Video

Live streaming can be used for product launches, for q&a’s, for showing off real-time recipes and even to show the release date of a new tv series. If you can find a fun way to bring live streaming into your marketing campaign you will be able to get a huge amount of engagement from people all over the world. Make a plan, see what other people have done in the past and try it for yourself this year.

Idea #10: Collaborate

Collaborations happen when two brands, or a brand and an influencer come together and release a product or project together. Start networking professional with other companies in your niche and see if there is a way that you can collaborate with products. When you release them you will both mutually benefit from exposure to the other person’s audience.

Idea #11: Optimise Content

Remember to use an SEO guide and make sure that every piece of content that you share is optimised with keywords and will be likely to rank highly on a search engine. This can be a wonderful trick because you will be able to gain views and engagement passively, and you will hopefully be able to convert more sales as a result.