Make These Website Investments to Improve Your Freelance Life

If you think life as a freelancer is full of ups and downs, you’re not doing enough to aid your career. Sure, there can be times when work dries up for a bit, but this should fall in line with times where the same can be said for businesses. If you’re always going through periods of work then no work, it shows you’re doing something wrong. Most issues can be solved by looking at your website. Your website is the place where people find you and pay for your services. So, if you can upgrade and enhance your website, you are going to improve your freelance life.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen for free. Investments will need to be made, and here are a few that will definitely help you earn some big returns.

Bespoke Web Design

Bespoke web design means you have a website that’s designed purely for you. It will be unique, which already means it will stand out when people visit it. This is a good investment if your website analytics tell you that you’re generating a lot of traffic, but the bounce rate is high and people aren’t making inquiries. It shows that your marketing is good, but your website is bad. Upgrading the design can make a huge difference as it doesn’t just improve the way your site looks, it also improves how it functions. Therefore, all that traffic could stick around for longer, increasing your conversions.

Website Hosting

Investing in a good web hosting service is also ideal. In essence, a host will take care of your website on a server, ensuring that everything runs swimmingly. Web hosting services are often credited for making stores faster, and for upgrading the general performance of websites. Regardless of whether you have an online store or a general website, you could use a host to tie everything together. It will mean there’s less chance of your site disconnecting from the server, and there’s more chance of converting your traffic because your website has been optimized. You improve the security as well, which can prevent issues where people might hack your site and take it down.


In the first point, it was mentioned that investing in web design is good if you already generate a lot of traffic. However, if you don’t get much traffic to your site, the first investment should be in SEO and PPC. Many companies and digital marketing agencies will provide these services for you. SEO works on improving your organic search performance, bringing in organic web traffic. PPC helps to advertise your business on search engines, garnering paid traffic. In either case, you drive more people to your website every single day. As a freelancer, this is excellent as it means you have more leads to convert, ensuring you have a constant supply of clients and work.

One of the key elements of being a freelancer is understanding that you need to invest in yourself. You cannot be successful for free; you have to spend money to make money. This concept can scare you, but the thing about good investments (like the ones above) is that they generate big returns in the long run.