Want Loyal Employees? You Need to Offer These 4 Perks

People love perks. You love perks. I love perks. Your employees love perks. Perks make a job worthwhile. Just like fudge icing makes a chocolate cake just that bit more exciting. When you are running a business, you want loyal employees and so you hunt for the best of the best talent in your industry and you do everything that you can to settle them in and make them feel welcome. The one important thing that you need to be able to do that effectively and garner loyalty? PERKS!

Employee engagement should be the top spot on your priority list when you are going through your hiring process. Personalities do count for something in the workplace and you’ll know right from the beginning whether you are going to be bringing someone in that will gel into your team well. If that works, you’re going to know that your team can work productively and happily together without much of an issue. Other than personalities, you need to think about the package that you offer when it comes down to the details. Salary is just not enough, and while you can offer something incredibly competitive and lucrative, you need padding. Remember, the chocolate cake is nowhere near as fun without the fudge icing: here are four ideas for the ‘fudge’.

Paid Healthcare

As a company, you should care about the health of your staff. You need people to be able to feel like they can come to work and if you’re caring about their health, you are going to have a productive and happy workforce. Check out the options with https://www.gomedigap.com and see what you can do for your staff. They will like the fact that you care about their health, and health equals wealth – remember that!

More Vacation Time

There may well be a statutory minimum that you must offer your staff, but it’s something else if you can offer more than that. People love time off with their families and when you offer a perk such as extra quality time, you can make people happy and more productive, which then fosters loyalty.

Cash Money, Y’All

Salary may not be everything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slap down a pile of actual cash in bonuses when it comes to hitting targets. Get your staff running toward their goals knowing that there will be a plate of green proportionate to their role to get stuck into. People love cash money, so why not offer that as a perk?

Remote Working

People have lives outside your workplace, and if you are any type of good employee, you’ll recognise this! Giving people the flexibility to work from home is going to make people feel more motivated, because they’re going to know that you care about their family time.

Perks are a big bonus for a job, and there’s a reason that the big companies offer many of them – and good ones, too! Take a leaf out of their book and get your people to feel good every single day.