Lazy Employees? Or Are These Issues to Blame for Unproductivity?

Are any of your employees unproductive? If so, it might be that you think they’re lazy. And to be honest, you might be right, as not every person on the planet has a strong work ethic. However, laziness isn’t always the reason behind an unproductive employee. There could be other issues that need addressing and these include the following.


If you are overworking your employees, tiredness will set in. When this happens, mistakes will be made, time will be spent correcting said mistakes, and deadlines might get missed. Tiredness can also lead to stress and burnout, another reason why your employees might not work as productively as they used to.

To ensure your employees aren’t overworked, do more to manage their workload. Ensure work is spread out evenly amongst employees and if you need to, consider outsourcing if they still have a lot to do. Make sure they have scheduled break times in the day too as rest will make your employees more productive. And when possible, limit the amount of overtime your employees as an improved work-life balance will counter the next issue on this list.

Low Morale

Do your employees hop, skip, and leap their way into work with happy smiles on their faces? Or do they walk in with slumped shoulders and heads bowed? If it’s the latter, low morale could be the problem. Another sign of low morale is unproductivity as unhappy employees can sometimes make less of an effort with the work they have to do. Again, stress can also be a factor here as the reasons behind an employee’s low morale could be causing them to feel ill.

So, why should your employees have low morale? Well, there are many reasons, including lack of recognition, unfair pay, and a toxic workplace atmosphere. There are other reasons listed at Consider each reason and then take steps to improve matters for your employees, such as taking the time to thank them when they have done good work for you.

Poor Safety

Another issue leading employees to be less productive could be poor safety. Most workers expect to work in a safe environment, but focusing on survival makes them less likely to put all their effort into productive work. 

The solution, of course, is to beef up safety and concentrate more on avoiding harm. Agricultural companies do this by installing various farm security systems that protect employees and ensure minimal trespassing. Workers need to feel safe working in the fields, and owners must protect their margins and profits.

A Lack of Training

It’s only natural to expect untrained employees to be slow at their jobs. This is partly because of the mistakes they might make as they are hardly likely to be efficient. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure all of your employees are trained, both at the onboarding process and as their job roles change during their time with your company.

There will be various avenues of training worth considering, including day classes and online learning platforms akin to It might also be that you could train your employees in certain areas yourself. And for new hires, there could be more experienced employees on your payroll that could assist with the training that is required.


When an employee is unproductive, your business will suffer. Missed deadlines could lead to unhappy clients and that could lead to reduced profits. So, consider the suggestions we have made here. If any of your employees are unproductive, it might be because of the reasons we have listed. Of course, it might also be that they are lazy, in which case, you should commit to further research to find out solutions to that particular problem!