Why Landing Pages Are a Crucial Element of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Landing pages are separate pages that users are directed to when they click on an ad or another type of call to action. Some businesses don’t bother with landing pages and they just link straight to their homepage or product pages. They assume that it doesn’t really make a difference because the users are still visiting your site, but that isn’t the case.

Using landing pages has a lot of big benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. When you start implementing them effectively, your overall digital marketing campaigns will be drastically improved. These are some of the reasons why every business must use landing pages.

Improved Landing Pages

Statistics show that your lead generation strategy is drastically improved by directing people to landing pages instead of sending them straight to the homepage. Your good landing pages need to be combined with an excellent pay-per-click strategy (click here to learn more) but once you get them up and running, you will notice a big increase in qualified leads. The reason that landing pages are so much more effective is that they provide targeted information. When people see an ad, you are trying to get them interested in a specific product or aspect of your business. If they click on the ad, it’s because they are interested in that one thing. When you take them to a landing page, you give them all of the information they are looking for. But if you take them to a homepage, it’s then up to them to find the relevant page and that leaves them a bit lost. More often than not, they will simply leave the site.

Collect User Information

Collecting information from users is important for a few reasons. Building your email list gives you more marketing opportunities and it also gives you an insight into the kind of people that are clicking on your ads or finding your landing pages through search. This is such valuable data because it can give you an indication of how well your marketing campaigns are performing and who they are reaching. By using this information, you can improve your strategy in the future and get better results.

Improve SEO

If you want to create a winning digital marketing strategy, improving SEO is absolutely crucial. By creating keyword-rich landing pages, you can drastically improve the performance of your website in search and generate a lot of organic traffic. You can also create an improved sitemap using your landing pages, which contributes to your SEO too.

Present a Clear Call to Action

When you direct people to your ordinary website, there is a lot going on. It is a useful platform for people that want to browse at their own leisure, but people that are directed to your site through search or paid ads are looking for a more streamlined experience. On a landing page, you can strip back all of the distractions and give people the information they’re looking for with a clear call to action at the end. This will increase your conversion rate in a big way.

If you don’t use landing pages as part of your digital marketing strategy, you are missing out on these amazing benefits.