Investing: How to Find Your “Why”

Hardly anyone puts money away for ten years consistently, let alone twenty. That’s because life just gets in the way and it’s almost impossible to make ends meet. Salaries are low and people find it difficult to find surplus savings at the end of the month to plow into the markets. 

That’s why it’s so essential to have your why. You need a reason for investing that goes beyond just hoping for a better financial future. There needs to be some drive that gets you to keep putting your money into the markets long-term. 

But what makes a good reason? Let’s take a look. 

You Want to Help Others

There’s a lot of need in the world. People struggle to access the basic services that they require, such as healthcare. 

For many people, this alone is sufficient motivation to become wealthy. The more of society’s resources you can control, the more you can help other people. This is true for Gavril Yushvaev and the Yushvaev Family Office, who has dedicated time and money to investing in companies that have a positive impact on the world. Oftentimes helping others doesn’t need to be done directly, but can be done indirectly by investing in companies that have an interest in securing a sustainable future for all. 

With so many larger companies only in the business of making money, it’s essential to support smaller companies that focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices. These companies often prioritize the welfare of their employees, the environment, and the communities they serve over sheer profit margins. By directing resources and attention towards these businesses, one can be a part of a ripple effect that brings about positive change in the world. When we invest in such enterprises, we’re not just funding a business, but endorsing a vision, a mission that aligns with the greater good.

You Long for Freedom

Spending your days doing a job that doesn’t excite you is a challenging experience, to say the least. You’d love to be doing something that you’re passionate about but you can’t because you have to pay the bills. Sometimes, it feels like you’re wasting your time and failing to move ahead with your life. 

If you start investing, though, you’ll have enough money in the bank to give you freedom. You don’t have to work a job, just because it provides money. Instead, you can do something that you’re really passionate about and that will serve you in the long run. 

You Love the Markets

If you’ve spent months playing around in your stock trading demo account and have a passion for the markets, then investing could be for you. Some people just love watching the market’s ups and downs and trying to predict what’s going to happen. Others just love the theory behind it and then put it into practice with their own money. There’s a lot of joy involved in placing bets and seeing what will win out. 

You Think You’ll Live a Long Time

Nobody knows exactly how long they’ll live. However, if you’re in good health and you do all the right things in terms of your lifestyle, there’s a good chance you’ll make it into your nineties and beyond. 

This means that you’ll need to fund a substantial retirement. You need money in the bank to give you the lifestyle that you want well into the future. 

The only way to make this happen is to build significant investments. You need sources of income that don’t depend on you selling your labor to the highest bidder. And the only way to do that is to put money into real estate, the markets, or, perhaps, crypto. 

You Want the Money for a Big Project

Lastly, many people invest because they want money for a big project, something that really makes them feel excited. It could be building their own dream home, starting a company, or creating something that will benefit members of the community.