Improving Team Communication When Working From Home

When your team is working from home it’s critically important to improve communication. There are lots of ways that you can support your team to communicate more effectively.

Use the Right Comms Tools

To support communication you’ll need to use the right tools. First you’ll need project management software. PM software can help you to communicate, collaborate, delegate tasks, and monitor progress. A few of the leading PM software tools include BaseCamp, and Asana. You’ll need video conferencing software, and information on chat rooms. There are plenty of virtual chat rooms you can use to improve communication within your team. When you’re choosing comms tools, you might need to test out a few different software options.

Establish Communication Policies

To enhance team communication it’s a good idea to create comms policies. Your employees should know how they are expected to communicate, depending on the situation or the project. Draw up a communications policy handbook, ensure that all staff read it and sign it. When your policies are clear, your project outcomes will improve. It’s important that all staff know what’s expected of them.

Ask Employees for Feedback

To make your communication more efficient, try asking your teams for feedback. Your employees will be able to tell you what’s working about your comms procedures, (and what isn’t working). When you work together it’s far easier to create a system that works for everyone. Working remotely suits some people better than others, if your team is struggling, you’ll need to problem solve. Some people can be relevant to give honest feedback unless it’s anonymous, with this in mind you might want to provide this option.

One to One Meetings

Team meetings are great but it’s also important to meet with your staff on a one to one basis. During a 1:1 you’ll get the chance to ask your employees if they need any further support. You can help your employees to create goals and take steps towards them. Here are a few questions you might want to ask your staff:

  • Do you need any extra support to carry out your role?
  • Are there any training courses you are currently interested in?
  • What are your goals within the business?
  • How can I support you to achieve these goals?

Create Autonomous Teams

According to the Ivey Business Journal, ‘Autonomous teams, meaning work groups, granted the organizational latitude to establish their own internal goals and work practices.’ By creating autonomous teams you can give your staff more responsibility, improving communication and collaboration in the group. There are plenty of benefits to autonomous teams, such as:

  • Autonomous teams can encourage improved communication.
  • Can boost productivity levels.
  • Improve morale and ensure that staff feel valued.

To produce amazing projects it’s important to ensure that your team can communicate effectively. With the above tips you’ll improve productivity and performance. With the right attitude to communication you’ll improve your business and drive growth.