6 Good Business Reasons for Moving On

Moving can be a real pain, whether it’s your home or your livelihood. When you’re looking for somewhere else to live sometimes identifying a property you like the look of can be the easy bit. Cutting off the bills, finding suitable work for the family, new schools, keeping in touch with the old folks and making sure they’re looked after, acclimatizing the cat to new surroundings – they can be the problem.

When it’s your business this brings a whole host of fresh issues, but don’t let that put you off. The fact that you’ve even considered it would suggest either that there’s something you’re not happy about with your present location or there’s something uniquely appealing about the one you’re considering moving to – or both. So deal with the problems as you must, but here are some reasons why you shouldn’t allow them to defeat you:

#1: Cost of Real Estate

Your business rent is probably one of the highest outgoings you have. In times of struggle relocating to somewhere more affordable can make the difference between survival and going under. According to the Investor’s Business Daily the average monthly rent in Manhattan is over 2.5 times the national average, both for private and commercial property.

#2: Follow Your Market

So winter coats is your line of business and you’re located in Florida Keys? That’s an awful lot of transportation costs to get your product to its target markets. How long would it take to offset the cost of relocation from the savings you would make by moving to a region where your product would actually be in demand?

#3: Easier Access to Integrated Movers

Moving to the next street was always a relatively simple matter. Moving across the US is less so. But these days it’s easier than it was due to internet technology and the opportunity it creates to integrate different operations from different parts of the country to create one single joined up operation. Think of somebody like Bekins Moving Solutions, who have all this kind of thing under control.

#4: Availability of Suitable Staff

In such a vast country there are different skill sets in different areas. If you want to tap into those you will need to be where the talent is. If your labor options are better some place else it might serve you well to bite the bullet and relocate to there.

#5: Making a New Start

It may not be your fault that you have a bad business reputation in the town you are leaving, but that won’t help restore your company’s credibility. In work, as in life, there are times when it is just best to pick up our knapsack and move on down the road towards a fresh start and a new beginning. Everyone has a right to a second chance.

#6: Personal Circumstances

When it comes down to it, events in our lives sometimes prompt the most radical decisions. It may just be that you can’t stick around. If moving on is the only way of carrying on, it sometimes just has to be done.