When Discernment Is Profitable

On the face of it there’s no reason why someone who isn’t actually in the alcohol trade needs to understand the intricacies of fine wine. But in practice wine plays a very considerable part in the lives of so many business people. Whether they are drinking it, sharing it or selling it it is an integral feature of their corporate existence, a statement of who they are and where they’ve got to in the world of enterprise.

So whatever your line of business, learning a thing or two about wine is going to stand you in good stead. After all, if you are entertaining clients and you serve them up a glass of something from the discount store what does that say about your business – and, more importantly, about the value that you place on theirs?

Relationships Are Important, Satisfaction Is Everything

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of every successful business, and there is no better way to gauge what your customers think than by entertaining them and showing them a human face behind the corporate exterior. It develops trust and leaves them reassured about your integrity and your ability to deliver. Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group and author of “CRM at the Speed of Light” (see this helpful item from The Huffington Post), describes customer experience as a “business science”.

One way of creating certainty as to the quality of what you are offering up to your customers is to move the party to a dedicated venue at which the hospitality is taken care of. The best mcminnville tasting rooms are an example of such an experience, where you pay a certain amount per head and the wines are selected by an expert, relieving you of the stress and worry about whether or not you’ve got it right. This article in the respected Decanter newsletter provides a wealth of information about this exciting concept.

Wine as a Commodity Instead of a Tipple

Some wily entrepreneurs however take their relationship with the grape a whole lot further, because as well as being a delightful beverage wine can also be a valuable commodity entirely in its own right. A good vintage wine can be much sought after and each time a bottle of it is consumed those that remain will usually appreciate accordingly in value. Thus almost by default it becomes a sought-after collectors’ item and as such a profitable investment.

In whichever way you choose wine, as a small business entrepreneur it is very much your friend. A reception would not be a reception without a generous glass to wash down the canapes and soothe the palate. When opened it helps you to clinch the deal, when unopened it can be every bit as much a commodity as precious stones or paper bonds. That is why even if you do not yourself partake, few business can afford to get by without it. If you don’t know your bouquet from a bucket, now might be a good time to learn.