Have You Got Yourself A Career Development Plan

When it comes to career management, many workers feel this is not something they need to bother themselves with. Yet, nearly every one of us would like to gain happiness, alongside success, in our everyday working lives.

Career management need not be a lengthy, long-winded and complicated process. In fact, there are five simple tips that you can begin working on right now to advance and grow your career, while developing further opportunities.

  1. Make a list of goals which you believe you need to be aiming for regarding your career development. When you decide what you want from your work, you are more likely to make a move toward achieving it when it is written down.
  2. Decide on a timeline for these goals. This ensures that you have a date to aim towards and are not just drifting aimlessly in a bid to chase these goals. Look at where you may need extra help or guidance in ensuring you can complete your goals on time and factor this in.
  3. Investigate whether your company could help you progress, or is it all up to you? Some companies will have several programs to help employees looking to move up the career ladder. However, for others, it may be a better idea to keep your intentions under wraps in the workplace.
  4. Do you need a skills update? Now is the time to see where you could do with some extra training and look for the courses that can get you the skills and qualifications that you may currently lack.
  5. Could you take on other roles in the workplace? Whether you are planning on moving up in your current company or looking to move out, if you can show willing and attempt other tasks where you work right now, you not only gain valuable in-house experience but also get to add this experience to your CV.