Why Your Next Car Should Be a Hatchback

When it comes to planning for your next vehicle, there’s a lot to consider. Whether you’re buying new or used, most people will tell you to look for something that’s going to be convenient and budget friendly, but we think that your next car should be a hatchback. 

A 5 door hatchback is the way to go on so many levels and whether it’s your first set of wheels that you’ve ever had or it’s the 1st that you’re actually buying with your own cash and not on finance, you need to think about a hatchback being the best car that you ever get. Depending on your needs, you may have considered an SUV or a Ute but we’ve put together the five reasons that A5 door hatchback.Is a car that’s definitely worthy of your attention. 

  1. It’s affordable. A hatchback is one of the most affordable cars that you could lay your hands on. They’ve been popular for a long time and that means that there is little competition and plenty of choice out there. Bigger cars like SUVs are always popular on the road, but if you’re choosing a hatchback, then a small Mercedes hatchback could be the best thing that you buy. Why? It’s affordable, it’s easy to run, and Mercedes is a trusted brand. You can guarantee that you’ll be able to afford a hatchback if you’re looking to power up your first car with your wallet.
  2. The versatile option. A 5 door hatchback is a lot more flexible than those 4 door sedans with a boot. You need to have something that’s easy to move and hatchbacks often have a handy lift up tailgate and a low loading height. It doesn’t really matter how small you are, if you’re heading out shopping with the kids, you’ll be able to get in and out of your book with no problem.
  3. They are fuel efficient. Because hatchbacks are small cars on the outside but big on the inside, they’re quite lightweight and they don’t have the giant engines. This means that you’ll have fuel efficiency and less money coming out of your bank to account for petrol prices. Given the height of petrol prices right now, it’s nice to hear that hatchbacks often have small petrol engines.
  4. They are easy to maneuver. Hatchbacks are small in their size, and that means that tight turning circles can make them a lot easier to manage in the city. You can get in and out of parking spaces and venture down laneways, and you can even dart in and out of traffic in your hatchback. You’ll also be able to fit into a smaller car park which is super handy in an overcrowded shopping center.
  5. They are sporty and stylish. A hatchback is one of the prettiest cars to look at. They’re quite stylish no matter where you get it from and they have clean lines, so you’re going to feel great driving around in your new one.