Auckland Access – 5 Tips for Creating a Business Network in Auckland

Auckland’s flourishing co-working space market attracts all types of businesses. Traditionally, a favourite of the startup, co-working has become a popular go-to for all businesses regardless of their size. Recent trends in the city also show that more corporations are adopting certain facets of the co-working model, if not just using the entire format.

One of the central reasons why the co-working space has become so popular is because of its focus on social interaction. In fact, many of these spaces take on a culture and character of their own becoming small enclaves within the greater business community. Moreover, renting this particular fit out is more conducive to building networks than any others because it presents so many opportunities to make connections.

Keep reading to learn how you can use your co-working space to build your Auckland business network successfully.

Work and Network

The primary function of the co-working space is it primes the pump of networking. Professionals can often find themselves engaged in informal conversations that build opportunities to network. If not engaging in chatter, professionals have formal networking events that connect them to experts in the business community.

The reason is the office’s more relaxed shared space plan. Co-workers can find themselves working at any one of the hot desks or dedicated desks. The hot desks, for the most part, are the hub of much social activity. Click here: to see how these offices are typically organised in Auckland.

Raise Your Profile Through Collaboration

All of this chatter and talking up your business translates into some of the best opportunities to develop relationships across a number of industries. If not working in a specialised co-working space, you can connect with professionals from a diverse range of industries. Furthermore, each connection puts you in the position of forming valuable collaborations.

The collaboration is of significant value because it helps you learn more about other industries. More importantly, it raises your business profile in the co-working community making your business more attractive. Ultimately, all of these activities translate into more business and more income.

Build Your Community

As stated previously, co-working spaces are not just places to work. They form, sometimes close-knit, communities where friendships and working relationships develop. Really great co-working spaces place an emphasis on galvanising the community by holding fun and even entertaining events.

To network, consider helping with the amalgam of projects that keep the space running. Starting an online newsletter, managing the space’s social media site, helping with events, and hosting events that spotlight your own expertise are a couple of ways to become a part of your community. Ultimately, the more opportunities you have to engage the co-working community the more likely you are to make the right types of connections.

Engage in Public Relations

One of the best ways to get connected is to engage the public at-large. By developing a relationship with the public, you gain their trust and their business. Because public relations encompasses so much, start small with hosting events, both by yourself and in collaboration with others. Either way, good PR gives your business a chance to establish its brand identity and forge relationships with other businesses.

Go Online

The internet is a limitless landscape that is rife with opportunities to connect with the entire globe. Use social media and other promotional tools to engage the public. While social media is great, consider creating a site where you can stream live videos about your products or services. More importantly, provide a place where people can communicate and comment on your product’s value.

Networking in Co-Working Auckland

Auckland’s business community is a fertile ground for any business needing to connect and network. With a diverse range of industries, professionals can tap into resources simply through networking. By engaging in the numerous networking activities, both in the co-working space and on your own, your business can engage, grow, and influence the Auckland’s business community.



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    August 27, 2018

    Keep reading about this coworking thing everywhere. I’m almost afraid that I’m missing out somehow by not being a part of it!

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      August 29, 2018

      Tey, speaking as a new co-working person I get you! Kept hearing so much about the advantages that I had to try it out for myself. Now I seem to have caught the bug!

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        August 30, 2018

        It’s great for those who freelance, are self-employed or even those entrepreneurs and very small startups. I couldn’t face the thought of working from home, neither was it a practical solution, so co-working was perfect for me.

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          August 30, 2018

          I freelance twice a week, and I’m struggling with the motivation when I have to work from the home. May need to check this out for myself.

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            Mark Streshinsky

            September 1, 2018

            Thanks for the comments guys and Tey, what Marcus said is spot on – the enthusiasm can wane when working from home but for many people, it’s not even a possibility. Co-working solves this instantly.

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