What is the Amazon Affiliate Program and Can You Make Money from It?

Amazon’s affiliate program is often said to be the affiliate program which started it all! Launched back in the mid-nineties, it has become an easy way for almost anybody to promote and make some money from.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program All About?

Basically, you decide which products you would most like to promote, namely those products which you have an association with, and then you sign up for the free Amazon Associates program.

You then choose how you are going to promote such products, usually through your blog or dedicated website, or perhaps even by adding links to the emails you send out.

Then you begin promoting these products on your site and work on improving your traffic numbers to bolster the number of people seeing, and ultimately clicking on, the links that will take them through to Amazon itself.

Making Money Through This Program

Making money from such an affiliate program is possible. However it must be said, you will earn more money by researching and working at marketing your site to get those all-important traffic numbers up.

Some people suggest that the Amazon program offers a lower payout when compared to several other programs. However, with the site being so vast it is much easier to find your required product line and therefore easier to promote successfully to your visitors. Thus, you can make more money in the process.

Tips for Improving Your Amazon Affiliate Success

  • Aim to promote products that fit your websites niche
  • Think about writing a piece on specific products and adding links to them
  • Review many products and draw your visitor’s attention to them
  • Promote any promotions or offers that Amazon may have running, which fit with your website’s theme
  • Follow up on some of the best sellers occasionally and talk about what has been popular with your visitors