Amazing Things to Do in Costa Rica

Most people go on vacation to discover new places, unwind and have fun. Nobody wants to get bored on their trip. So it isn’t surprising that you want to include the most entertaining and memorable activities in your itinerary while planning your trip. However, every destination is different, so it can be useful to research the best things to incorporate into your travel itinerary when visiting a particular location. If you plan to visit Costa Rica, here are four amazing things you can’t afford to miss. 


  1. Hike the Arenal volcano
    Arenal Volcano is Costa Rica’s most popular volcano, towering over 5,000 feet in height. Tourists are not permitted to ascend Costa Rica’s most active volcano. However, routes wind through lava and deep jungles. Various short climbs also provide stunning views of Lake Arenal and the surrounding ecosystems. The Arenal Volcano National Park has hiking trails, waterfalls, and hot springs to enjoy. It can take roughly two and three hours to hike Arenal volcano and costs around $10 per head. When trekking at Arenal, it’s natural to want to see the volcano. The best time to observe the spectacular Arenal Volcano is early morning since clouds frequently descend in the late morning and early afternoon to conceal the volcano.
  2. Zipline through the cloud forest
    What could be more amazing than speeding over the deep jungle’s trees and passing through misty clouds patches as you go? Ziplining is one of the best experiences you can enjoy at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. Founded in 1972, the reserve took its name from the nearby town of Monteverde and has over 10,500 hectares of the cloud forest. The ziplining trip, aerial tram tour, and handing bridge tour are some of the enchantments attracting over 70,000 visitors annually.
  3. Explore Pristine National Parks
    With over two dozen national parks and protected areas covering 25% of Costa Rica, there is never a shortage of options. The Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast harbors various species. Meanwhile, the Manuel Antonio National Park, located some hundred kilometers north of Corcovado, is a small protected area in Costa Rica. Despite its small size, this park has several beautiful white-sand, uninhabited beaches.
  4. Sportsfishing in Tamarindo
    Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s most attractive and elegant beach locations. The region has a variety of outdoor and water sports activities for everyone to enjoy. The weather is generally pleasant, allowing visitors to enjoy the azure seas and white sand beaches virtually all year. Sportfishing is one of the most exciting and intriguing water sports in Tamarindo. You can book with service providers like Costa Rica Fishing Charters for rooster fishing, marlin fishing, sailfish fishing, yellowfin tuna fishing, and other sports fishing experiences in the magnificent regions of Tamarindo, Los Suenos, and Flamingo. 




While the above are a few things you can’t miss in Costa Rica, feel free to explore more since the Central American country has a lot more to offer its numerous visitors.