5 Benefits of VPS Hosting for Your Small Business Website

Are you making money through your website? In addition to having a strong social media presence and a using a creative web design for your main site, using a reliable web hosting service is one of the keys to success in today’s business world. When it comes to web hosting, you have several options available to you, including shared hosting and VPS hosting. Using a VPS is recommended by many experts if you run a business website that is important to the success of your enterprise. Here are some of the main benefits of VPS hosting.

#1: Full Control Over Your Server

A VPS server can run the operating system of your choice, which will typically be one of the Linux distributions or a version of Windows Server. You’ll get full root (or administrator) access to your server. This means that you can configure your server as you please and install any compatible software or scripts that you need, without being limited to the ones offered by your web hosting provider. The freedom to use the software you want can be quite important if you’re building a more complex website or want to build cloud-based applications.

#2: Better Security

VPS hosting is often seen as more secure when compared to standard shared hosting. When you use a shared host, several websites are placed on one server. If one of the sites is infected by malware or suffers a security breach of some sort, all of the other websites on the server could be affected. When you use a VPS, you get a virtual server that is assigned to you. Only your own websites are hosted on the server, which reduces the chances of a security breach on another site affecting yours. Another benefit is that VPS servers give you more control over your security, allowing you to deploy your own firewall and anti-malware software.

#3: Better Performance Thanks to Dedicated Resources

With a VPS server, you get a slice of a physical server assigned to you. This means that you get a virtual CPU, plus an allotment of RAM and disk space for your use only. You don’t share these server resources with any other websites. Having dedicated resources that only you control can greatly improve the performance of your website, as shared servers often get overloaded during times of peak usage. This better performance translates to better page load times, which creates a better experience for your users and also has SEO benefits.

#4: Ability to Host Multiple Websites

Even though shared hosts often advertise that you can host an unlimited number of domains under one account, most don’t provide you with enough server resources to host several websites together without running into performance issues. As a VPS gives you a dedicated allotment of server resources, you’ll be able to comfortably host several websites on your server.

Having the ability to host multiple websites can be very beneficial to some business users. If you provide web design, social media marketing or SEO services to your clients, you could offer to host their web pages for them as a value-added service. Even if you only host websites for yourself, you might want to expand your online presence in the future and add some mini-sites for specific products or promotions that will complement your main business website.

#5: Affordable Hosting

While VPS hosting costs a bit more than shared hosting, it’s still a lot more affordable than getting a dedicated server. An increase in competition in the hosting industry during the last few years has also resulted in the price of VPS servers dropping. This means that even the tiny businesses and startups can experience the benefits of VPS web hosting.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a VPS server for your business web hosting needs. VPS servers are able to provide you with the power, flexibility and reliability that you need, all while being an affordable hosting option.